One Trick Pony

Ever see the guy with big overworked biceps – a beer belly like Homer Simpson – strutting down the boardwalk on skinny legs?

If you exercise you know to exercise the whole body. You don’t want to appear ridiculous with one part of your body muscular and the rest of the body emaciated. Same thing with political campaigns. All parts have to work if you want to have success.

We have written about this before. “The Hillary campaign is not only on target with the candidate’s communication skills, but it is on target on policy, on field organization, on rapid communication and response, on hiring of personnel, on landscape preparation, on understanding the electorate, on resources distribution among early states, on signage, on scheduling… well on just about everything.”

The Hillary campaign has raised a lot of money. But it is not solely focused on raising money. Hillary is paying attention to all aspects of her campaign and current events. On Thursday, June 28th, 2007 while preparing for that night’s Democratic debate Hillary was the first presidential candidate to respond to the Supreme Court ruling on race and school diversity decisions.

Today, we posted an article at Top Hillary Headlines (right hand column) about Hillary denouncing Ripublican Fred Thompson for “suggesting Cuban immigrants pose a terrorist threat.” Thompson made his remarks days ago. Where are the other Democratic candidates? Why haven’t they denounced Fred Thompson? Is the Hillary campaign the only functioning operation on the Democratic side?

Today the Obama campaign is crowing about the big dollars they have raised. Not a word on Thompson. They’re busy counting money. They might as well count money because they don’t want to look at the polls. The poll numbers, both state and national polls, are too ugly for them. We are waiting for the announcement that the money raised will be spent on orange caps for their Iowa workers.

Raising money is smart and good but not to the exclusion of the rest of the campaign. Unfortunately for them they are also having to spend money to get media attention now that their campaign, if you can call it that, falls apart. Even the paid media did not work out. Soon after the first commercials started airing in Iowa, they had to be yanked for revision. The stumbles from the Obama campaign thus far are many. We expect many more stumbles.

Obama: Not Ready.


8 thoughts on “One Trick Pony

  1. The media obsession with fundraising dollars is so silly. With the new primary season its simple, they both are gonna have plenty of money to run the races they want to. But this harping on fundraising dollars reminds me of how the non hollywood press always reports what the box office grosses are for each weekends movies. I mean, really, unless you are a Hollywood studio person, why should anyone give a hoot about such useless information. The same is true for campaign fundraising totals. I guess its too hard for them to figure out (or maybe it would hurt their carefully constructed narrative of how they WANT the primaries to go) what a state by state primary count would look like with Hillary leading in 32 of the 34 primary states.

    These stories are just simple minded political reporting from a simple minded political press corps.

  2. You and the prior blogger are absolutely correct. The determining factor in elections is not who raises the most money, but who has the most credible candidate, message and campaign organization. Why then is the media obsessed with the money angle? Because the it is easy to analyze, quantify and report prior to news deadline. The outcome determinative factors you list require a level of judgement and understanding which most of them are not famous for. Also, many of them want the action.

  3. You and the prior blogger are absolutely correct. It is not a question of who raises the most money, but who has the most credible candidate, message and campaign organization to get the word out.
    The media is obsessed with money because it is easy to quantify, to report on prior to news deadline and many of them would like to be Las Vegas bookies in their next life. Whereas, it would take a level of knowledge and sophistication which they are not famous for to analyze and compare the candidates in terms of the outcome determinative factors you mention.

  4. What a curious thing it is, this maniacal obsession with Obama’s fundraising. The question that I would be ask, were I in a position to write a story in the media is, who are Hillary’s supporters and who are Obama’s? It seems to me that the money game reflects where their support is. Obama’s relatively few supporters have a lot of money, and Hillary’s relatively large number of supporters do not have as much money. When CBS is reporting that Hillary has twice the support as Obama, the question is not about total dollars but about demography.

  5. I am very glad that this BLOG responded to Obama’s fundraising sucesses in the 2nd Quarter….The BIG MEDIA all has headlines like “Obama leaves Hillary in his wake” and “Advantage Obama”, ignoring the other aspects of the campaign.

    I would like to see Hillary outraise Obama next quarter. But the most important thing is that she raises enough money for her to have the resources that she needs to run an effective campaign. Isnt that what the money is for?

    And isnt she doing a wonderful job at that NOW? Obama had just as much money as HIllary all Spring long, and where did it get him?

    Money cant purchase experience and wisdom.

  6. Barack Obama truly is a One Trick Pony. We will see how long he and his campaign team can carry on the charade.

    Of course, we all look forward to Hillary calling his bluff on that “experience” issue.

    I can’t for the life of me, imagine Barack Obama in the Oval Office. I think about it and cringe actually. Why? Because nothing I have seen or heard has indicated that he has any sense of committment or authority, on anything.

    And that is frightening indeed.

  7. Todd:

    I too cringe at the thought. Whether or not Obama will be ready for prime time in another decade remains to be seen, but I am absolutely certain his nomination would be a real opportunity for Democratic defeat in 2008. The immature campaign he has run to date makes the Kerry campaign’s reaction to the swiftboat inanity look like a polished Machiavellian strategy. Moreover, what does this guy believe except, perhaps, we should all play nice (whatever that means.) The more mileage Hillary put between her and Obama, the more comfortable I’ll be.

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