A Tale Of Several Cities

For Hillary, it’s the best of times. For others, it’s the worse of times.

Representative Jack D. Franks of Woodstock, Illinois, endorsed Hillary. By itself, this is hardly surprising. After all, the endorsement floodgates have opened as the political cognoscenti realize Hillary is the best candidate for President. What is surprising is that Representative Franks was chosen by Obama to serve on Obama’s presidential exploratory committee.

“I watched the first two [Democratic] debates and it was evident to me that only one person up on that stage was ready to lead our country,” Franks said. “On Day 1, whoever is leading our country has got to be ready to go, there’s no learning on the job.”

The endorsement by Franks was surprising:

Thomas Cynor, chairman of the McHenry County Democrats, said he was surprised by Franks’ endorsement because of the representative’s prior work for Obama, but not disappointed. “I think Jack’s motivation is pure,” Cynor said. “He believes that for the senator from New York, it apparently is … time.”

Franks explained his endorsement this way

“Obviously, the easy decision is to go with Barack, how could you not like Barack?” Franks said. “This is the most important election facing America probably in the last 50 years, because of the terrorism threat, because our standing in the world has never been lower, and I have to worry about our future.

“I know she’s the only person who can step into the job from Day 1, hit the ground running, and be the leader of the free world.”

New York City
Former Mayor David Dinkins Endorsed Hillary.Mayor David Dinkins

”Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins endorses Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.” ”I’m with Hillary Clinton,” said Dinkins. “You see, Dominic, if you go to the dance and you bring a girl to the dance and then you arrive at the dance and you see another girl who’s got charisma and she’s attractive and articulate and whatnot, you don’t leave the girl you brought, you stay with your friends; and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton campaigned for me, and I will never forget it.”

Meanwhile, a soon to be independent candidate sharpened his knives:

“A reader who ran into Mike Bloomberg at Primavera on the Upper East Side last night is the second source to report hearing Bloomberg describe the Illinois senator as too inexperienced to be president. Bloomberg, according to my spy, said he had met Obama for the first time about a year and a half ago, in the Senate subway, and was struck by Obama’s eloquence. But “he simply is not experienced enough to become president,”

Reno:State Treasurer Kate Marshall

The Nevada juggernaut.

“Today, Hillary Clinton received the biggest endorsement in her quest to win the Nevada Caucus as of yet. State Treasurer Kate Marshall of Reno is the latest edition to Hillary’s growing Nevada endorsement list”


“Now, there have been other endorsements before Marshall. They are Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, State Senate Min. Leader Dina Titus, former Gov. Bob Miller, and former Attorney General Frankie Sue del Papa. Why does Marshall’s endorsement eclipse those of the other important current and former officials. Three reasons:

Kate Marshall is the only current statewide official so far to endorse any candidate.

Kate Marshall is the only northern Nevadan to endorse any candidate. She is also the only Democratic northern Nevadan statewide official.

Kate Marshall is a rising star in Nevada. She is a possible candidate for any higher office, including Governor, US House and Senate”.

All in all, she was the top prize in northern Nevada.

Manchester, Allenstown, Somersworth, Dover, Rochester, Hampton:

“The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign continues to build a strong organization in every corner of the state, and today announced Senator Molly Kelly and five new state representatives have endorsed Hillary for President, bringing the total number of NH legislators supporting Hillary to 50. State Representatives Susan Beauchesne (Allenstown), Roger Berube (Somersworth), Tom Fargo (Dover), Anne Grassie (Rochester), and Tom McGuirck (Hampton) join Kelly in announcing their support today.”

Washington, D.C.
Question Mark Guy Obama’s latest endorsement is infomercial superstar the Riddler Question Mark Guy.

“Maryland resident Matthew Lesko — the author and infomercial personality who has been telling Americans how they can get free services and money from the federal government for years — proudly displays a Barack Obama bumper sticker on his question mark-covered car, and confirmed that he is supporting the Illinois senator for president.”


“When asked if he had any advice for the Obama campaign, Lesko points out that they could take advantage of government offices that provide guidance on election laws, rather than having to spend a lot of money in legal fees to get the same information. As to whether or not the campaign has sought his expertise on raising money, he notes, “I haven’t been asked.” Lesko said he has yet to meet Obama, but hopes to soon.”


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