Tiers Of Joy

National Journal and their “Daily Briefing on Politics” the Hotline, are very Big Players with Big Media. Even Big Blogs read and pay attention to the expensive subscription service Hotline. In many ways, like the front page of The New York Times, Hotline sets the Big Media agenda (unfortunately so does Drudge Report. Good news is that our timid little voice is increasingly echoed through the blogs, news reports, and newly assertive Hillary supporters.).

Big Media has been beating up on Hillary for decades. She keeps on winning.

Hillary’s defense of the defenseless, such as children, and her extraordinary 2 victories at the polls made her a likely presidential candidate. When Hillary announced her candidacy for president, Big Blogs pronounced her downfall. Big Media, usually pushed the “downfall” stories too. Today, signs of a change in agenda from Hotline:

“As WH Dems meet at Howard tonight, we ask, is it time to re-assess the party’s top tier?

A boatload of new polls suggests it is. New Q polls have HRC leading Obama roughly 2-1 in FL and PA and more than 3-1(!) in OH. She’s up 2-1 in NH. We’ve known she led the pack for months, but is she in a tier of her own? 2ndQ reports will offer more clues. But has Obama already raised expectations so high that he’s neutralized another would-be bump in buzz?

Sounds like National Journal is Thinking Pink!

It’s not time to celebrate yet. No votes have been cast. Hard work every day is still the rule. Prepare for pitfalls. For instance, tonight’s debate will be filled with peril. The other campaigns know this is their last chance until September to change their fortunes. Desperate people do desperate things.


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  1. The road is perilous, but I do believe that over there in the distance, I espy the Emerald City.

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