Equal Time

We’ve received a few emails suggesting that we have not posted anything positive about Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko). This suggestion is not true of course. Why, just the other day when we discovered that an Obama event in New York City was not sold out we provided a much needed assist.

Today we provide an Obama supporter and contributor an Equal Time opportunity. (Politico.com linked the wonderfully named Dawn Summers blog on its website and we discovered the Dawn Summers site there.)

Dawn Summers contributed a V.I.P. amount of cash to the Obama event in New York City. She attended the Obama fundraiser.

Dawn, an Obama supporter, had a question for Obama ready but instead was overcome with the exuded charisma:

Senator, my name is Dawn Summers. do you really think you can beat a Mccain or a Giuliani or a Thompson? Do you have enough experience to be President? Didn’t you make a commitment to the people of Illinois that you’re breaking? Is it true your friends call you Barry? Seriously, you admit to doing coke??? IN WRITING?? What were you thinking???

Yeah. Or else I said something like: “Hi.” Followed by a ridiculously huge grin and intermittent giggling before he moved on to the next outstretched hand.

Dawn is quite a writer. Be prepared for laughs galore as descriptions of the evening with Obama fundraiser unfold.


5 thoughts on “Equal Time

  1. Why should he be given equal time here? Isn’t that what his supporters websites are for? And for the record I did not even bother to read this article so I may have taken it the wrong way. I don’t care to read anthing about the master of disaster.

  2. Read the article. It’s a very funny account of what not to do when organizing an event from a very New York perspective.

  3. Ok you got me. I read the article and it is damn funny! I should have known to trust you on this. Thanks for the morning laugh.

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