The Third Democratic Party Debate

Update: Does anyone other than Hillary know how to debate?  She was the only one that seemed to understand you have a time limit so you had better make your answers quick and concise.  Hillary responded with very concise answers such as “You need to do this, then this, then this” or “I’ve done this before and here are the ten things that need to be done.”  Check our reaction as the debate was going on (below), notice how Hillary consistently answered with specifics and within the time limit.  Richardson, does not understand the concept of clocks.  Obama too seems to be lethargic and out of touch with the reality that you do not have hours to get to the point.   

This should have been Obama’s night.  The audience started off by being on his side.  If he can’t come out the undisputed leader on a debate about domestic issues as they effect the African-American community, when can he possibly come out ahead?  Obama tried by speaking about some issues he worked on in the state legislature but that is like a PTA president talking about school district politics to the Secretary General of the United Nations. 

Hillary looked Pretty in Pink.  The ties on the men were uniformly ugly.  Hillary also made the audience stand up and cheer with that amazing AIDs answer.  Roars for Hillary when she got the answer right on Darfur and everyone else followed.  She got the big sound bites of the night which will be repeated over and over tomorrow.  It will be Hillary in the lead this Summer just like it was Hillary in the lead this Spring, just like it was Hillary in the lead this Winter.  Hillary did us proud tonight. 


This debate was interesting.  Hillary was wonderful.  She had the best answer of the night with her AIDs response (comment agrees and CNN which is providing commentary agrees).  Hillary had clear answers to questions with point programs.  Hillary also had a strong moment with her Darful comment and that tough tough answer which prompted everyone else to follow.  On outsourcing, which Obama attacked her for last week, Hillary demonstrated her experience and also spoke to environmental issues.  Loved the It takes a village, answer. 

Obama started strong and clearly had a lot of supporters in the audience.  Obama proceeded to meander and start falling off the tracks (like the easy New Orleans answer which wandered around and around).   Once again he spewed platitudes.  This should have been Obama’s night and Hillary still shone.  Compare Obama’s answer on New Orleans to Hillary’s answer. 

Edwards was OK but hardly noticed.  Biden was OK but predictable.  Dodd was OK but not noticed much.  Richardson had one good moment but perplexing.  Kucinich was better than Gravel.  Gravel has crossed the line and become a pest.  Are all these guys, including Obama, running for Veep? 

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Tiers Of Joy

National Journal and their “Daily Briefing on Politics” the Hotline, are very Big Players with Big Media. Even Big Blogs read and pay attention to the expensive subscription service Hotline. In many ways, like the front page of The New York Times, Hotline sets the Big Media agenda (unfortunately so does Drudge Report. Good news is that our timid little voice is increasingly echoed through the blogs, news reports, and newly assertive Hillary supporters.).

Big Media has been beating up on Hillary for decades. She keeps on winning.

Hillary’s defense of the defenseless, such as children, and her extraordinary 2 victories at the polls made her a likely presidential candidate. When Hillary announced her candidacy for president, Big Blogs pronounced her downfall. Big Media, usually pushed the “downfall” stories too. Today, signs of a change in agenda from Hotline:

“As WH Dems meet at Howard tonight, we ask, is it time to re-assess the party’s top tier?

A boatload of new polls suggests it is. New Q polls have HRC leading Obama roughly 2-1 in FL and PA and more than 3-1(!) in OH. She’s up 2-1 in NH. We’ve known she led the pack for months, but is she in a tier of her own? 2ndQ reports will offer more clues. But has Obama already raised expectations so high that he’s neutralized another would-be bump in buzz?

Sounds like National Journal is Thinking Pink!

It’s not time to celebrate yet. No votes have been cast. Hard work every day is still the rule. Prepare for pitfalls. For instance, tonight’s debate will be filled with peril. The other campaigns know this is their last chance until September to change their fortunes. Desperate people do desperate things.


Equal Time

We’ve received a few emails suggesting that we have not posted anything positive about Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko). This suggestion is not true of course. Why, just the other day when we discovered that an Obama event in New York City was not sold out we provided a much needed assist.

Today we provide an Obama supporter and contributor an Equal Time opportunity. ( linked the wonderfully named Dawn Summers blog on its website and we discovered the Dawn Summers site there.)

Dawn Summers contributed a V.I.P. amount of cash to the Obama event in New York City. She attended the Obama fundraiser.

Dawn, an Obama supporter, had a question for Obama ready but instead was overcome with the exuded charisma:

Senator, my name is Dawn Summers. do you really think you can beat a Mccain or a Giuliani or a Thompson? Do you have enough experience to be President? Didn’t you make a commitment to the people of Illinois that you’re breaking? Is it true your friends call you Barry? Seriously, you admit to doing coke??? IN WRITING?? What were you thinking???

Yeah. Or else I said something like: “Hi.” Followed by a ridiculously huge grin and intermittent giggling before he moved on to the next outstretched hand.

Dawn is quite a writer. Be prepared for laughs galore as descriptions of the evening with Obama fundraiser unfold.


Debate Tonight

Update #3:  Hillary the first presidential candidate to condemn today’s Supreme Court ruling rejecting school diversity plans that consider race.  This will be a major topic at tonight’s debate.  The debate is at Howard University, a predominately African-American college.  “On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the valiant struggle to integrate Little Rock Central High School, let us remember the millions who marched, fought and even paid the ultimate price to help ensure every child in America has an opportunity to attend diverse, high-quality schools.”  We are sure Obama will follow with a statement soon. 

Update #2:  “Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins endorses Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.”  “I’m with Hillary Clinton,” said Dinkins. “You see, Dominic, if you go to the dance and you bring a girl to the dance and then you arrive at the dance and you see another girl who’s got charisma and she’s attractive and articulate and whatnot, you don’t leave the girl you brought, you stay with your friends; and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton campaigned for me, and I will never forget it.”

Update:In a campaign season that’s been dominated so far by Iraq, the 90-minute session at Howard University, a predominantly black college in the nation’s capital, will focus on domestic issues, with emphasis on how they affect minority and poor communities. Eight candidates will share the stage, but the spotlight will focus most on the two Democratic front-runners, Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.”

Our 2008 Primary Calendar page features as a bonus the schedule of debates calendar.  There is a Democratic primary debate tonight hosted by PBS.  The debate starts at 8:00  9:00 p.m. EDT. 

We will probably post comments about the debate while the debate is on tonight.  We will debunk attacks on Hillary here on the website, as it happens.  Join us and feel free to comment on the proceedings as well. 

A group of young professionals organizing support for Hillary will host a “watch party” in Washington, D.C.  The group, Young Lawyers for Hillary invites you to join with like minded Democrats to cheer on the next president as she debates other candidates for the nomination.  All are invited. 

The debate watch party will be at Stetson’s on Thursday, June 28th.  The group will celebrate the launch of their new website as well (  

Stetson’s Bar and Grill is located at 1610 U Street NW (16th and U).  The event is from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. 

Let’s all watch and cheer on Senator Hillary Clinton.  She has demonstrated her excellence on all the previous debates.  Won them flat out. 

 Expect lots of attacks on Hillary tonight.  This is one of the few chances for her faltering opponents to make news and keep their campaigns afloat so they will take advantage of the opportunity.