Ripublicans shur are funny varmints. They gets us all riled up. They’re even funner when they critic us and yell “disclosure” without doing their own disclosure.

This is by way of saying that the Democratic Party will have its nominee chosen by Democrats. We will unite at the end of the process. We don’t want or need Ripublicans telling us how to run our affairs.

We receive a great deal of email. We received one over the weekend which was polite and respectful in tone. It deserves an answer. We have not received permission to post the name or home state of the sender, yet, but other than name/address we have not corrected or changed the email in any way. Here is the epistle:

“We have spent the last 6 years being lied to, ignored, and taken advantage of. The Republicans have done near irreversible damage to the policies that help keep the United States striving forward and put us in a federal defecit that will last for decades. I think that it’s fantastic you at want to support her through grassroots, but I think it’s imperative that you don’t do it by bashing the opposing democrats.”

“What’s to happen if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination? All the people who are reading your site will certainly NOT vote for Edwards or Obama (due to your negative press) and then in turn vote third party or not at all-resulting in the Republicans keeping control. It is necessary that you contrast Hillary with the other Democrats, but to do it in such a negative light will affect the over-all outcome of the elections if she is not nominated. We as a country need to grow together, not apart. I’m sure you’ve already come to grips with what your doing and have no problem with it, but as a concerned citizen I think it is the wrong approach and we will have four more years of trouble if Hillary is not nominated. In 2008 I’m not going to carry all my eggs in one basket until after the primaries. I would urge you to do the same. Thank you.”

“A concerned democrat,”

“Concerned Democrat” we share your big concern. The Ripublicans must be routed out of government. An effective Democratic administration must be inaugurated in January 2009.

We too have a sense of urgency about the direction of the country. We believe that Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York is Ready to become President on day 1. Hillary knows who the best people in and out of government are as well as their strengths and weaknesses and personalities. This knowledge will help her put together, immediately after the November 2008 elections, a team that can work together to effect the changes needed. On policy, Hillary’s history, heart, and head are in the right place too.

Your point about not “bashing” Democrats is one which we adhere to. Most of the Democratic candidates we have completely ignored because they do not have a chance of getting the nomination. We occasionally refer to their ideas and enjoy the variety of personality they bring to the debate stage.

John Edwards we have been very kind to. We have pointed out the unignorable stumbles his campaign has made, sometimes in a humorous manner. The Edwards campaign is in a death spiral. We have almost completely ignored the Edwards campaign even as major news organizations catch up with our analysis. ABC News, for instance, is openly speculating how long his campaign will last after the second quarter financial reports are submitted. The New York Times and Associated Press have printed some very unflattering articles as well recently. We have ignored them all. Why beat a dead horse?

Substantively we have stated that Edwards has had a remarkable transformation on issues such as his co-sponsorship (not mere vote for) of the Iraq resolution and his vote for the Bankruptcy bill – both of which he has said “I was wrong”. We even expressed some sympathy towards Edwards about the $400 haircut story when it came to our attention that the haircut story might have been planted by Obama opposition research.

Richardson we have hardly mentioned other than to welcome him to the race.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is another matter entirely.

Obama’s campaign from day 1 has been a negative machine operation posing as clean new politics. We pointed out how his campaign began by hiring “hired muscle” in the form of David Axelrod. The Obama campaign is run by Robert Gibbs who ran advertisments against Howard Dean in 2004 which morphed Dean’s face into the face of Osama bin Laden (ironic isn’t it that the Obama campaign yells “foul” when horrible people refer to Obama as “Osama” – it’s called KARMA, Robert Gibbs.) You hire people for the type of campaign you want to run.

Then the Obama campaign, and yes it was the Obama campaign, decided to defame a Democrat, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, as facist “Big Brother” from the novel 1984. We documented how the creator of the ad was a roomate of Ben LaBolt – a spokesman for the Obama campaign, even as Obama stated “we have no idea who this person was“.

The latest and ugliest smear was the attack Obama initiated, via right wing sludge machine The Drudge Report, against the last elected president of the United States Bill Clinton. It was an attack which employed the right wing smear machine. It was an attack which had been debunked previously by the New York Observer. It was an attack totally untrue in the substance. And – Obama has never apologized.

Obama also issued another anonymous attack against Hillary by calling her the representative from Punjab “(D-Punjab)” because of her work with the Southeast Asian community. Ergo, from now on we refer to Senator Obama as (D-Rezko) for his work representing his indicted slumlord friend and beneficiary Tony “Antoin” Rezko.

Our points about the Obama/Rezko connection are basic: Obama has a lot of questions to answer and he is not answering them. There is one question in particular which we call the $925,000 question.

Big Media are missing the Rezko story for now. But as we pointed out in Will Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Destory The Obama Campaign? this story is not going away. There is an ever expanding trial to take place in February 2008. The Chicago newspapers are noting that Obama is the Democrats’ spokesman on ethics. The story will grow. Obama needs to answer the questions and not run away from them.

Stop running away. Answer the questions.


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