The Paris Hilton Version

Update:  Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthly questions the integrity of Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.  The idea is that Ripublicans are so corrupt Fitzgerald might be tainted.   We think this is foolishness.  Yes, Ripublicans are capable of anything but Patrick Fitzgerald has a high degree of integrity.  Drum writes: “Again, I’m not saying Rezko’s innocent — I don’t have any idea either way.” Drum should be respected but instead of questioning Fitzgerald’s integrity maybe he should read our posts and have an idea of the type of person Rezko is.  Maybe Drum and Big Media will ask Obama the $925,000 question. 

We posted a longish piece earlier today.

Many of us are very busy. Work keeps us busy. Our families keep us busy. School keeps us busy. Big Media is busy.

We will be helpful. Check out this video for the “Cliff Notes” short version of our earlier post. We think Obama needs to stop running and answer the questions about this before Patrick Fitzgerald answers the questions for him.

By the way, we still have this little previous unanswered question which the Obama Campaign can answer:

“During the first Democratic Party debate Barack Obama was asked about his relationship with his indicted slumlord friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Brian Williams: “You’ve promised in your campaign a new kind of politics, but just this week the Chicago Sun-Times reported on questionable ties you have with a donor who was charged last year for demanding kickbacks on Illinois business deals. Aren’t you practicing the very same kind of politics that many of the others on this stage have engaged in?”

Obama responded in part: “Well, not all, we have thousands of donors. This donor engaged in some ethical (sic) behavior and I have denounced it.”

We assume that Obama mispoke when he referred to his slumlord friend as “ethical”.

Since that first debate we have been looking for, but have yet to find a statement in which Obama has “denounced” Rezko.”

Obama campaign: Where can we find these denunciations?