Chris Matthews’ Nappy Headed Hos

Matthews The Nut
Chris Matthews is Don Imus. Chris Matthews has been Don Imus for a long time.

The “prestigious” “journalists” that participated in Don Imus’ show, year after disgusting year, pleaded the “We Did Not Know” defense when confronted with the video evidence of Imus’s homophobic, anti-women, racists rants. They pleaded they did not know although the evidence was clear for all to see.

The same “prestigious” “journalists” such as Howard Fineman, Tim Russert… well you know the names, now appear on the Matthews’ Mudball cable show. Their excuse is that “Well, you know, ah, Matthews might be nuts when he is on cable but he behaves on his network show, uh.”

Yesterday on the (June 24, 2007) Chris Matthews Show on NBC Chris “Imus” Matthews had his very own Don Imus “nappy headed hos” moment. That ugly Imus comment helped to finally expose, beyond denial, that Imus was a racist woman hater at worse, an idiot not to be trusted on the airwaves at best. The phrase that sealed Don Imus’ fate was one that disparaged the texture of African-Americans’ hair in general (nappy) and denigrated a young womens sports team as composed of “hos” (the plural of “ho”, a riff on the word “whore”).

Yesterday, Chris Matthews on his NBC transmitted show crossed several lines into women hating. The jouralists that still participate in Chris Matthews’ shows must be held responsible for tolerating Chris “Imus” Matthews.

Here is what transpired yesterday on the NBC version of Mudball (guests are Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, Richard Stengel the managing editor of Time magazine, and Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times):

MATTHEWS: Kathleen, being surrounded by women, does that make a case for commander in chief — or does it make a case against it?

PARKER: It makes a case with a certain demographic, and I noticed the picture on the front of The Washington Post the other day showed her with all these women and her crew, and did you notice, there was only one blonde out of about 15 women, so it sort of — I thought that was very telling.

STENGEL: What are you suggesting, Chris?

MATTHEWS: Well what does that mean? I want to know what you’re suggesting.

PARKER: Well, I don’t know, but that was definitely noticeable.

MATTHEWS: What am I suggesting?

STENGEL: What are you suggesting by saying does that diminish her as a commander in chief by being surrounded by women?

MATTHEWS: No, the idea that it — well, let me just get historic. We’ve never had a woman commander in chief.

PARKER: No, you start picking on her. As soon as men start picking on her —

MATTHEWS: But isn’t that a challenge, because when it comes down to that final decision to vote for president, a woman president, a woman commander in chief, will be an historic decision for people. Not just men, but women as well. Elisabeth, you’re always thinking about these things.

BUMILLER: It’s Golda Meir, it’s Margaret Thatcher. I mean, we all remember these women. I, you know, I think we can get there.

MATTHEWS: But we’ve got Patton and John Wayne on our side

[Media Matters For America has the video]

Get it? Non-penised persons need not apply.

Elisabeth Bumiller comported herself with some dignity, but with too much restraint in tolerating obvious misogeny. Stengel did better. The same cannot be said of Kathleen “Blonds” Parker who reminded all of us of the “performing monkey” remarks by Jon Stewart which torpedoed the cable show Crossfire. We need a Jon Stewart to confront Chris “Imus” Matthews on his own Mudball. Failing to find a singular journalist, with courage to denounce this Mudballer, decent journalists must stop enabling the new Imus. Why do they continue to appear on these shows?

When will the courageous Keith Olbermann speak up? It is unfair to ask KO to KO Chris Matthews but he appears to be the sole “serious” person who speaks up on issues everyone else fears to tackle. What about Dan Abrams? He runs MSNBC. He helped get rid of Imus. Hey Dan: wake up!

Chris “Imus” Matthews has long slobbered over one woman in particular: Hillary Clinton. Recently Hillary and Matthews were on the same stage. Matthews tried his usual tricks on her. We wrote about the results in Hillary Leashes Mudball’s Chris Matthews. Perhaps this public humiliation by a woman is what gnaws at Matthews. Perhaps his nocturnal fantasies of Hillary were thwarted when he faced the reality of a strong, commanding woman. Perhaps. But Chrisy has had these Hillary problems before.

Here is the new “Imus” on the old Imus show (March 28, 2007, MSNBC Imus in the Morning):

IMUS: Can she be elected president?

MATTHEWS: You know, somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean, I think there might be a giant, green, ugly, horny monster. A gigantic, gigantic monster of anti-Hillary, an anti-woman Hillary, anti-liberal woman Hillary, some real ferocious beast out there that says no matter what happens between now and Election Day, they’re not going to let her win. There’s men, some women, are just not going to let this woman, this woman win the presidency. I don’t know whether that monster’s out there. All men I meet are afraid to talk like that. You only hear criticism of Hillary from smart, college-educated women. They’re the ones that always have a problem with her now.

But something tells me this country hasn’t changed that dramatically. You know, a friend of mine pointed out the other day that we let African-Americans vote starting in the 1860s, at least under the law. It took us until the 1920s to let women vote. It’s easier for men to accept a black guy as president than a woman president, I think, historically.

So why’s everybody so happy about Hillary? Have we changed overnight? And that’s what I can’t get in my head. If we have changed overnight, that’s a big development. If we haven’t, we haven’t talked about it yet. But there’s something out there about having a woman president — it’s huge — and nobody wants to talk about it. Just the idea of a woman president. And nobody’s argued it. It’s always — it’s all this politically correct, careful discussion. And yet it’s there, and nobody’s debating it.

[Media Matters For America has the video]

The horny monster Matthews fears, like the plot of Forbidden Planet, is in his own psyche. Let’s consult Matthew-ologist Bob Somersby of DailyHowler:

Simply put, this man is a nut. (Yes, he actually said the word “horny.”) His discussion would only get worse this day—but note what he had already said. He had said that men have these Hillary-hating feelings—and he knows this even though, in his experience, only women are voicing such views. He hasn’t heard other men say these things. But he knows what they’re secretly thinking.

Of course, one man hasn’t been afraid to talk like that—and that man is the nut-case, Chris Matthews. He has aimed endless gender-based insults at Clinton—and as he continued along with Imus, he gave us a look at the secret feelings that have been driving his vile, nasty rants.

This Imus/Matthews loves that “horny” metaphor of his. It is not an accident. He actually thinks about his comments. They are premeditated. Here is Matthews spouting pretty much the same nonsense he spouted on the Imus show, on his own Mudball show:

Is there, out there in the country or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster — big, green, horny-headed, all kinds of horns coming out, big, aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn’t shown itself: it’s based upon gender, the fact that she’s a liberal, that she’s Bill, what — and that hasn’t shown itself, because people are being so nice in the polling, they are saying all the correct things?

Is there an anti-Hillary monster waiting out there that could deliver this nomination, or this election, to someone else?

Chris “Imus” Matthews just cannot help himself. He knows these remarks are sexist, he says so himself:

MATTHEWS: You know, men don’t knock Hillary that I talk to; it’s the women. For some reason, men are being politically careful. They don’t want to be caught being —

MYERS: I wouldn’t go that far, Chris.

BLANKLEY: But you —

MATTHEWS: The crowd I hang with don’t want to be caught knocking her, because it sounds sexist, but women are so tough on Hillary.

BLANKLEY: I — but I don’t — I don’t take that number terribly seriously for her or anyone else, because, ultimately — people may say that, but, ultimately, it’s a binary choice at some point.

The BLANKLEY who is making sense on this show is Tony Blankley who was the press flack for — Newt Gingrich. When right wingers are embarrassed by an “Imus” you know things are bad.

“Is there out in the country, or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster, big, green, horny-headed — all kinds of horns coming out, big aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn’t shown itself”? The answer to your question dear Chrisy, is in your mirror.


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  1. I have been troubled by Matthews as well. Time and again he has been unfair to Senator Clinton, and has gone out of his way to be complimentary to Senator Obama. I assumed this was a case of good old fashioned partianship, but after reading your article I have a better idea of what is behind it. She has handled him in a very classy way, but it is a bad thing for a journalist abuse his office in this manner. Your article is a fine piece of satire and it has the added advantage of being true. I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. I can’t stand Matthews, it seems as if he is going for Obama, maybe he doesn’t want to be labled a racist like his boy Imus… In my book he is part of the propaganda machine and should move on down to Fox News with the rest of them.

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