Hillary Leashes Mudball’s Chris Matthews

The good people at Crooks and Liars have the video tape of Hillary once again taking command of an unruly forum.

During the second Democratic Party debate Hillary took charge and the other candidates followed her lead. We noted how Hillary took charge in the same way that many years earlier Ronald Reagan had taken control of a forum when he objected with a forceful “I paid for this microphone.” We were so taken with Hillary’s take charge attitude we posted clips of our favorite moments.

Yesterday, appearing before the AFSCME union Chris Matthews wanted to have fun, as usual, at Hillary’s expense. She did not play along. The audience did not play along. Hillary took on Chris Matthews and beat him into submission even as he appeared to be frothing at the mouth. At the end of the forum, during her closing remarks, Hillary delivers the coup-de-grace.

Don’t miss the videotape for the full impact (HERE).

Here is Crooks and Liars’ transcript:

MATTHEWS: Oh, a real question. OK.

CLINTON: Like a question that’s really about the people in this audience…


CLINTON: … and not what goes on inside of Washington.


MATTHEWS: So we’ll leave that as a non-answer then. MATTHEWS: You want a fight?

CLINTON: This is good. This is good. Yes, let’s keep going.

MATTHEWS: OK, right here. Look, why — OK, let’s have a fight. I like to fight.


OK, let’s talk…


You want to fight? OK.

What about…

—-Second Part—

CLINTON: Well, I want to thank you all for doing something I never thought I would ever see, and that is to render Chris Matthews speechless.

MATTHEWS: Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Hillary Leashes Mudball’s Chris Matthews

  1. It’s always a good thing when an interviewe can take control away from Matthews. Simply because, he doesn’t deserve control for loaded slanted questions..

    Hillary was awesome, turning Mattews into the trainwreck he always feared he would be IF the right person came along. She DID!

  2. If playwright Tennessee Williams were alive he probably would call it “Highball”. Especially when Christopher Hitchens is on.

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