Campaign Songs

The Hillary Clinton For President campaign has chosen the campaign song. Bill Clinton and Hillary introduce their selection in a cute and funny video twist of the Sopranos TV show finale.

Go here to see the video.

Of course there are 2 famous men running for the Democratic nomination (as well as several not so famous other candidates). We thought we would help them out with their campaign selections.

John Edwards said “I was wrong” for being a co-sponsor, not merely a voter of, the Iraq resolution which George W. Bush employed to attack Iraq. John Edwards also said “I was wrong” for voting for the Bankruptcy bill which hurt the poor and the middle class.

We selected this song for him:

Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is busy lately lying about President Bill Clinton (we will have more on that later) and attacking entire communities for supporting Hillary Clinton (we will have more on that later). Obama started with a lot of promise and hype. We have seen these past few days what he is really made of (we will have much more on that later).

We selected this song for him:


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