The Real Hillary Clinton

We did not want this article to be ignored so we put it here instead of our usual Top Hillary Headlines spot. “If you want to understand the woman who would be president, don’t bother to read the latest avalanche of recycled biographies – just ask her interns.”

Five seconds:

“I will begin with two Hillary Clinton scoops of my own. Early last summer, I went to a party she was giving at her house – hidden away off Massachusetts Avenue, a stone’s throw from the British embassy – and took the opportunity to introduce her to a teenage boy who I knew was going to intern for her later in the summer. She gave the kid about five seconds of her time, beaming at him before moving on to the next hand to shake.”

“Probably six weeks later, having not so much as set eyes on her since, the boy was walking down a Senate corridor when Hillary approached in the opposite direction. Meeting his eyes, she greeted him without hesitating: “Good to see you again, Pete.” Then, three weeks after that, the same kid and zillions of other Hillary interns gathered in a small, overheated office to have their photographs taken with the senator. Suddenly, overcome by the heat, the boy collapsed almost literally into her arms. He came round a couple of seconds later, lying on his back and seeing the face of (possibly) America’s 44th president peering anxiously down at him, proffering her bottle of water. “She was really kind, sort of motherly,” he told me later.”

The article rightly claims that this short anecdote reveals more about Hillary than all the 10 pound books written about her. Further, the article reveals how much of the so-called revelations in recent books have as their source Hillary’s own autobiography, but spiced with lurid embroidery from the cash hungry creative writers.

“So why all this unprecedented hysteria over an election that won’t even be held until 4 November next year? The answer, I am convinced, is that the leading candidate so far is a woman who is trying to break a 218-year male stranglehold on the most powerful job in the world. That, in turn, has unleashed vast tides of subconscious sexism from America’s political commentators, the vast majority of whom are male. A woman seeking the power and masculine majesty of the US presidency? How dare a petty little Machiavellian ogress like her have such audacity!”

We wrote in Texas Tough that Hillary will not be swiftboated. Every day as she explains her policies, her worldview and her decision making process, more Americans decide to support her. Even in Texas Hillary is doing well. The more Texans and all Americans meet the real Hillary Clinton, the closer she gets to being 44.