Hillary Endorsements

There is a good list of some of the endorsements Hillary has garnered posted at the Hillary Clinton Supporters Group. The group is part of Democratic Underground. The long list is up to date as of June 13, 2007. Worth keeping an eye on this group and help it grow.

Another list of endorsements can be located at the official Hillary Clinton For President website endorsements page.

The Seacoast Online of New Hampshire also took note of a recent Hillary endorsement by a grassroots activist.

“Back now to the moral of this story. I did raise an eyebrow when one Roger Goun of Brentwood came out and publicly endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton for president. While nationally this proclamation may equate to a thumbs-up from the owner of Bob’s Auto Shop, the Clinton campaign scored a minor public relations coup in Goun because he’s a new-breed activist with no shortage of connections in the state’s growing and increasingly influential progressive grassroots community.”

“Goun is a former software engineer turned full-time political actor these days. He’s chairman of the Brentwood Town Committee and is running for the state Senate. He’s also a newcomer who cut his teeth on the grassroots roller coaster of the Howard Dean campaign in 2003. He and other committed activists co-founded Democracy for New Hampshire, and decided to brawl in the dirt of state politics. By 2006, their activism matched in sync with a ripe political environment to help create a stunning electoral transformation — Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter defeated two well-entrenched incumbents for Congress and the Democrats won control of the state House and Senate for the first time in decades.”

Grassrooter Goun explained why he endorsed Hillary:

“We have to make progress,” Goun said about issues such as the Iraq war and health care. “I’m so ready for change. We have to win this election.”

“He also told me that meeting Clinton in person a few times in the past few months had changed his mind and he experienced the essence of grassroots campaigning.”

“She just blew me away,” Goun said of these encounters.”


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