Hillary Can’t Win, Again

Hillary Can’t Win is a post we wrote a few days ago.  A friend sent us an article written about a year ago, July 2, 2006 which pretty much said the same thing.  Here is how that wonderful article starts:

“Hillary Clinton really is one of the weakest . . . nominees with whom the Democrats could be saddled.”

“Democrats are worried sick about her chances.”

“Just give someone else a chance, so we in the Democratic Party can elect a Democrat.”

“She cannot possibly, possibly win.”

Yada, yada, yada.

We’ve heard all this “Hillary can’t win stuff” before. In fact, the quotes above aren’t from recent weeks but from six years ago, when many pundits — and Democrats — said there was no way that Hillary could get elected to the Senate. She won by 12 percentage points.”

The article was co-written by the guy who is Hillary’s top strategist so we do not have to worry about the Hillary campaign lacking this knowledge.

Those of us who for the past six years, at the very least, were worried sick and protested and yelled and a whole lot more that Democrats and the Democratic Party lacked backbone love Hillary and her Team — because they fight.

“Our problems as a party are less ideological than anatomical: Our candidates have been made to look like they have no backbone. But the latest Post-ABC News poll shows that 68 percent of Americans describe Hillary Clinton as a strong leader. That comes after years of her being in the national crossfire. People know that Hillary has strong convictions, even if they don’t always agree with her. They also know that she’s tough enough to handle the viciousness of a national campaign and the challenges of the presidency itself.”

“One thing we know about Clinton campaigns: Nobody gets Swift Boated.”

Hooray. We should reprint this article every day.

“Adversaries spent $60 million against her in 2000, and she endured press scrutiny that would have wilted most candidates. She gave as good as she got, and she triumphed.”

Oh my, but what about those naughty negative numbers? Let’s wring our hands, clutch our pearls, and whine.

“All the nationally un known Democrats would likely wind up with high negative ratings, too, once they’d been through the Republican attack machine.”

“Oh my”, cry the pearl clutching whiners, “what about the down ballot races?, let’s whine and groan about the down ballot races. We have to worry about the down ballot races below the presidential level. whine, whine, whine.”

Here’s how you win the down-ballot races with a strong leader at the top of the ticket – Hillary:

“Fifty-four percent of voters are female. George Bush increased his vote with only two groups between 2000 and 2004: women and Hispanics. Bush got 49 percent of white female voters in 2000 and 55 percent in 2004. Of his 3.5-percentage-point margin over John Kerry, Bush’s increase with women accounted for 2.5 percentage points. The rest came from a nine-point increase among Hispanic voters: from 35 percent in 2000 to 44 percent in 2004. We believe that Hillary is uniquely capable of getting those swing voters back to the Democratic column.

Hillary’s candidacy has the potential to reshape the electoral map for Democrats. Others argue they can add to John Kerry’s 20 states and 252 electoral votes by adding Southern states, or Western or Midwestern, depending on their background. Hillary has the potential to mobilize people in every region of the country.

Certainly she could win the states John Kerry did. But with the pathbreaking possibility of this country’s first female president, we could see an explosion of women voting — and voting Democratic. States that were close in the past, from Arkansas to Colorado to Florida to Ohio, could well move to the Democratic column. It takes only one more state to win.”

We should reprint this article with its cogent arguments every day. In a way we do. We remind people every day that Hillary Is 44.


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  1. What is so intriguing about this, “Hillary Can’t Win,” theme is that she has been trouncing her opposition in the Democratic field and often besting every Republican whose name they put up against her. The people who think she can’t win certainly weren’t at the Club44 kickoff last Wednesday in DC. I had a decided sense, “This is going to happen.”

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