Obama And Ripublican Debate

Fortify yourselves friends, the Ripublicans are debating tonight.

If you have the stomach for it, the debate is at 7:00 p.m. EDT on CNN. The Ripublican debate, like Sunday’s Democratic debate will be held in New Hampshire. We wonder if anyone will watch. So far Americans seem to be much more interested in the Democrats than in the Ripublicans. Americans are watching Democratic debates in much greater numbers than the Ripublican debates.

The New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary poll released today by WBZ (CBS) New Hampshire has Hillary in a very strong lead. In New Hampshire, independents can vote in the Democratic primary, unlike in most other Democratic primaries. According to the latest New Hampshire poll, “Clinton’s support is made more solid by her strong standing among registered Democrats and registered Independents, as well as her strong standing among male and female Democratic primary voters.”

The poll also states:

According to Myers, “what is interesting today is how far ahead Clinton has pulled in just three months. This appears to be due to the coverage she has received based to her national fund-raising and strong campaigning, her performance in last night’s debate and the perception that she will ultimately win the Democratic nomination. In March, for example, only 35 percent of Democratic primary voters thought that Clinton would endup winning the Democratic nomination, compared to 26 percent for Obama. Today, 48 percent of voters think that Clinton will ultimately win the nomination, compared to 13 percent who think Obama will. These results suggest that an ever-increasing number of Democratic voters believe in the inevitability of her nomination. With so much time left to go in the campaign, it remains uncertain whether Clinton will be able to maintain what appears to be some early momentum relative to her closest rivals.”

One of the big reasons for Democrats and New Hampshire Independents moving dramatically to Hillary has been her performance in the debates. All Democrats are reassured by her command of the issues, her command of the facts, and her command of the stage.

In general election debates Democrats know Hillary will beat the Ripublican nominee, whoever he is. Democrats are not confident in how Obama will perform against the Ripublicans. In the first debate Obama could not handle Dennis “the Kuch” Kuchinich. How can Obama handle the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Ripublicans? Those debates won’t be Harvard debate society rules. The general election debates will be knock-out, drag-out, ugly affairs. Hillary will fight and win.

Once again, here is a favorite video of Hillary. Notice how her voice comes out of the chaos to unify the Democratic field and restore sanity to Sunday’s debate. We think this was the Hillary equivalent of the late Ronald Reagan’s “I paid for this microphone” moment. Here it is again, enjoy: