A quick reminder – tonight is the second Democratic Party debate. It’s on CNN at 7:00 p.m. EDT. Scott Spradling of WMUR, Wolf Blitzer of CNN and Tom Fahey of the Union Leader will ask the questions. Don’t miss this debate. It will probably feature attacks on Hillary by desperate candidates scared of all the polls, for a long time showing Hillary in a strong lead, but especially by today’s Washington Post poll results. We imagine the Big Media guys will ignore real issues and ask Hillary about the silly attack books, in a very long, long line of attack books. Edwards better prepare himself for questions about the Shrum book too. Obama better get some answers from his lawyers concerning his indicted slumlord friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

We read a little item in the New York Times and found it encouraging to see that the Hillary campaign is embracing the 44 concept. It looks like Hillary ‘s 44.

“At the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner here Saturday night, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton took her seat at Table 44 in the middle of the ballroom. Coincidence? Hardly. If elected, she would be the nation’s 44th president, so the table moniker provided a good visual for the photographers hovering around her.”

“Senator Clinton wanted to telegraph her attendance far and wide. Hundreds, if not thousands, of HILLARY placards were plastered on walls throughout the convention center. And parked across the street? A semi-trailer with a giant H-I-L-L-A-R-Y sign, compete with bright spotlights shining individually on each letter.”

“I plan to spend so much time in Iowa,” she told the crowd, “I’ll be able to caucus for myself before it’s over!”

We described in an earlier post called A Thing of Beauty the well run Hillary campaign. This 44 type attention to detail is what is impressive. We bet the other candidates wished they had a Club 44.

And at some point Obama is going to have to answer the question about why he is treating Democratic Party events and labor union events with contempt. Obama missed another one yesterday:

“Standing a few feet away, practically alone, a young man was handing out Obama stickers. That was the extent of the visibility of Senator Barack Obama’s campaign here at the dinner. (His campaign workers had the night off and he was on the West Coast raising money”.)


2 thoughts on “44

  1. I must admit, Obama appealed to me more than Hillary during the debate. He seems to have a genuine commitment to progressive issues. Hillary quoted Barry GOldwater, for Christ’s sake!
    And then she defended Bill Clinton’s decision to install “Don’t ask don’t tell.” Of course, now everybody claims it’s bad, but to defend Bill’s cave in was disgraceful.

  2. And by the way, what the hell is wrong with Wolf Blitzer??He acted like a school marm, lecturing the audience and the candidates to do every little thing. Lighten up, Wolf!!!

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