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We regularly chastise the Nutroots. By Nutroots we mean the self interested bosses of the Big Blogs. They are doing a great deal of damage to Democrats in particular and to progressives in general. The individual posters to these Big Blogs contribute to progressive causes and to electing Democrats and they should not be lumped in with the Big Blog owners and the damage they have wreaked on Democrats.

Today we will recognize pro-Hillary Heroes who regularly venture into the hate swamps of the Big Blogs to defend Hillary. They are performing a thankless job. Today we thank some of them. We will continue our Hall of Fame postings and add more Hillary Heroes.

Let’s begin by saluting DCDemocrat and Sepulvedaj3. Both of them have posted on this site. DCDemocrat excels when he posts comment after comment in response to anti-Hillary remarks on one particularly rancid Big Blog. His patient education of the ill-informed, his command of facts, and his cool and calm courage under fire earn him a place in the Hall of Fame.

Sepulvedaj3 posts on many sites defending Hillary. As he himself wrote on this site “I try to counter everything I see. I constantly write letters to editors or comment on blogs from different papers by standing up for Hillary and her stances. Most of the stuff that people write are misconceptions.” Sepulvedaj3 has a website too and we encourage you to visit.

JustaProgressive and Terrondt mainly post on the Hillary Clinton website, but they too can be relied on to refute anti-Hillary garbage and are refreshing voices whenever they post.

On another of the Big Blogs which we referred to in yesterday’s Hillary Can’t Win there are several highly intelligent Hillary Heroes we wish to recognize.

Today we recognize someone who posts under the name of Lambros. His posts we would proudly feature every day on this site. We heartily recommend this post as an example of the fine work Lambros does in defending Hillary:

“Those of you still living in reality (such as georgep and BlueSunBelt) may wonder at what depths poor, sad Chris Bowers and his inveterately anti-Clinton acolytes will give up the ghost, and at long last admit that Senator Clinton is well on her way not only to the Democratic nomination but to the Presidency itself.

My own guess is that rather like the Nader dissidents of 2000 who then thought there was something unholy about casting a vote for Vice-President Albert Gore, even though he [foolishly, we Clinton advocates maintain] “distanced” himself from then President Clinton, such current anti-Clinton acolytes will continue to live in that unreality right on through the onset of Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

The anti-Clinton forces, desperate to create a fire under their chosen candidates where there simply isn’t any, must in some way find an outlet for their frustration.

It would have been most invigorating to have found the previously much stroked Senator Obama living up to all that had been expected of him in the first Democratic debate. But literate though he remains, his performance in that debate was truly painful to witness–which is what naturally comes of presuming that two years in the Senate can prepare a candidate on the national stage for the United States Presidency.

I expect that if anything, almost every poll currently indicating Senator Clinton well ahead, is in fact not accurately measuring the depth of her strength. Thus, it comes as no surprise to us veteran realists that the most recent Iowa poll has Senator Clinton besting even former Senator Edwards there, and that most New Hampshire polls have Senator Clinton very much in the driver’s seat in that early primary state as well.”

We recommend you read more of Lambros’ comments.

We will close this initial induction of the Hall of Fame with someone who shares our anger and passion regarding the Hillary Haters. His/her name is Tigercourse. Tigercourse posts at the most deranged of anti-Hillary sites which we refer to as DailyKooks. His post titles alone are worthy of repetition: You’re all filthy flippin frickin hypocrites and Hillary Clinton is being unfairly attacked and Are third party advocates serious?

Here is Tigercourse in his aptly and wonderfully named post You’re all filthy flippin frickin hypocrites. Tigercourse is honest enough to defend other candidates even as he condemns the hypocrites and the boss of the Big Blog:

This morning and afternoon, there were hundreds upon hundreds of posts (egged on by the head honcho) condemming Clinton and Obama for not having the right position on tonight’s vote. They were cursed at, stung up and run out of town on a rail. But tonight, they voted the right way. Unlike Webb. Unlike Tester. Unlike Murtha. And they were cursed at, strung up and run out of town on a rail by most of you.

They can never do the right thing for most of you. You came up with ridiculous reasons for attacking them. “They waited until it was safe to vote!” Ridiculous. “They didn’t lead!” Hillarious. What should they have done? Knocked out Harry Reid and tried to change the caucus vote by force? They did the right thing, and you can’t have that. You won’t allow that. I don’t care if you don’t like them. Can’t you at least for a moment be a part of that reality based community we claim to inhabit. Clinton and Obama did what you thing [sic] is right. Many of your heros didn’t. Move on from there, but don’t sink into a fantasy world of your own bile.

There are others, not too many, worthy of the Hall of Fame for their intelligent defense of Hillary. We will continue to update the Hall of Fame regularly with new inductees.

We salute you Hall of Fame inductees and thank you for flying over the cuckoo’s nest.


7 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. I have some downtime at work today, so I took a look at dailykult (hadn’t been there in a while). That place has really gone downhill. It’s degenerated into a wasteland of radical leftwing groupthink. I respect the opinions of far lefties, but when there is no diversity of thought, its just a waste of time. Is dailykult even relevant anymore? There was so much good work done there during 2004 and 2006, but right now the place just doesn’t seem serious anymore. Most of the open-minded, free-thinking liberals and independents have gone elsewhere. I suspect many daily Kossacks today are just cultists.

  2. Many thanks. I am hopeful that daily kos is going to come around once Hillary has cinched the nomination. Most of them are fundamentally good Democrats, and lots who post the most off the edge comments have admitted to me that they will support her if she gets the nomination. Two front pagers have told me they will of course support Hillary is she gets the nomination. Other folks at daily kos who tirelessly respond to one comment after another are Berkeley Vox, lorelynn, and tigercourse. Heartofblue and Hopeful Canadian are both great Hillary supporters.

    It’s hard not to believe that dkos has jumped the shark. But it always jump back again.

  3. Thanks for all the work you do DCDemocrat. What is inexcusable (blame the owners) is that for an allegedly Democratic site the personal abuse and namecalling against Hillary is allowed. No need to repeat the ugly names that play on the name “Hillary”. Lately the namecalling has become uglier.

    We note that the Big Blogs do not hesitate to ban people from posting items the owners do not like. For instance, it is an instantly bannable offense to mention the possibilty that the 2004 elections were stolen. Once the owners declared that they have no compunction banning people for posting what the owners do not like we must assume that the personal attacks against Hillary are approved by them.

    We intend to hold the Big Blog owners responsible.

    We have noted that since this website started strongly defending Hillary that many more posters have begun denouncing the personal attacks against her. Even fair minded Obama and Edwards supporters have noticed the nastiness and condemn the personal attacks.

    Posters like yourself have been fighting the good fight for a long time. We will be checking out the work of those you have named. Some of them we know have been doing great work. We will continue to add their names to the Hall of Fame. Hopefully this will encourage the many fair minded people to stop being silent and protest the attacks on the very likely Democratic Party nominee.

  4. There are definitely some outlandish anti-Hillary sentiments expressed on DKos, but overall, I still think it’s a great site. I post there as often as I can, and I defend Hillary when possible. DCDemocrat has been there longer than I have, and I’ve come to know other Hillary supporters (tigercourse, lorelynn, and even Kos himself have posted about positive aspects of the Clinton campaign).

    I am a firm believer of one of Bill and Hillary’s central political beliefs: that you reach out to EVERY constituency, whenever possible, and keep a dialogue open. So, even if the big blogs tend to support other candidates in disproportionate numbers at this point in the campaign, I think it’s good to treat them with respect and common courtesy. As the old adage goes, you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

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