What Can They Do To Me?

Patrick Healy of the New York Times can usually be relied on to twist the facts or use innuendo to make Hillary look bad. Maybe it’s the Memorial Day good feelings we have been experiencing, but today Healy actually says something nice about Hillary.

Here is what Healy writes today (check out the cute picture of Hillary talking with a voter, possibly Marilyn Learner herself):

“It is the question that every presidential candidate must have a good answer to: Why do you want the job?
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had a pretty punchy, pithy response this afternoon in Nashua, N.H., when a voter, Marilyn Learner – who has been leaning toward a Clinton rival, Senator Christopher Dodd – approached her with the query. Here’s the exchange, which took place at Martha’s Exchange, a restaurant popular with politicians.

Ms. Learner (tentatively): “Can I ask you a very naïve question?”

Mrs. Clinton (pursed lip smile, nodding): “Yeah.”

Ms. Learner (a little exuberantly): “Why do you want this job?!”

Mrs. Clinton (lol): “Well, the mess we’re in is so bad, I’m the only one with the experience to begin turning it around. And what can they do to me? I’ve been through it all.”

Ms. Learner, who took Mrs. Clinton to mean the Republicans when she said “they,” liked the answer quite a bit.

“‘She looked me in the eye and answered my question, directly and with some humor, and it seemed very genuine to me,” Ms. Learner said. “I feel more predisposed to her than I did before.”


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  1. It’s more of a mess that we previously imagined. The latest laugh is that the Gerth book disagrees in key points with the Bernstein book.

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