Memorial Day 2007

Another week passes.

“As of Sunday, May 27, 2007, at least 3,452 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.”

Tens of thousands of American military personnel have been wounded.

We probably will never know the number of non-combatant Iraqis dead and wounded.

In Iowa Hillary discussed how to deal with traumatic brain injuries to returning military personnel. Also, “To fulfill our promises to the nation’s veterans, Hillary has proposed:

  • Fully funding our veterans’ health care system and providing intensive care for vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Reducing the red tape our wounded service members and veterans face.
  • Increasing pay and benefits for our troops and their families.Expanding educational benefits for those who serve.
  • Providing support and assistance for the children, spouses, and families of those troops who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country. “

Former Vice President Al Gore, voted for President by a majority of American voters in 2000, but never inaugurated into office has written a book called The Assault On Reason. This past week the former Vice President “criticized the “trivialities and nonsense” of celebrity gossip in the media and called on people to focus instead on issues like Iraq and climate change.” Al Gore asked:

“What is it about our collective decision-making process that has led us to this state of affairs where we spend much more time in the public forum talking about — or receiving information about — Britney Spears shaving her head or Paris Hilton going to jail?” Gore asked.

He lamented what he described as the “destruction of the boundary between news and entertainment” and said the United States was “vulnerable as a democracy to mass and continuing distraction.”

Where is this distraction coming from? The remaining Imus – Chris Matthews – on MSNBC is one continuing distraction. On Sunday, May 27, 2007, the day before Memorial Day, this televised slimy creature who salivates and rubs his legs together every time Hillary or Bill Clinton are mentioned, spent valuable air time on his NBC show to discuss the latest of many in the long line of Hillary books.

“Josephine Hearn downplays Tweety’s obsession and says the best that Carl Bernstein could come up with after eight years was that she’s controlling. That didn’t stop his lust for Hillary…When Gloria Borger referenced the Godfather movie, Chris dug deep into the screenplay by labeling Hillary Clinton as having: “Luca Brasi  behavior.” OMG. Did she send out packages of dead fishes?

Howard Fineman (Newsweek’s Chief Political Correspondent) says that Hillary can still win the WH even with these books trying to bring back the 80’s & 90’s. Matthews wouldn’t let anything stop his one track mind and when Borger tried to remind Chris about how bad the Republican values candidates are—-Oppps—(she had the audacity to bring up Rudy Giuliani’s marital problems)—Chris immediately cut her off by saying that nobody is perfect in this business. Huh? WTF?”

Hillary campaigned in Iowa this weekend and according to the Washington Post “she was asked about the war in Iraq, illegal immigration” and whether Bill Clinton might be appointed as Secretary of State in a Hillary Presidency. “But at no time during events in Algona, Mason City, Charles City or Emmetsburg was she asked for her reaction to a pair of soon-to-be-released books”.

While Hillary discussed matters of life and death we learned about the coverage by another Chris Imus Matthews type distractor:

What’s more important: Iraq or Anna Nicole Smith?Depends on which network you’re watching.
According to PEJ’s first quarter News Coverage Index, “MSNBC and CNN were much more consumed with the war in Iraq than was Fox.” (See the chart to the right.)

In daytime, FNC devoted 6 percent of its time to Iraq, and 17 percent of its time to Anna Nicole. For CNN, the mix was 20 percent Iraq, 5 percent Anna; for MSNBC, the mix was 18 percent Iraq, 10 percent Anna.”

Fox N_ws we know is hopeless. They are a propaganda outfit. Democrats have begun to wisely boycott them and the presidential candidates are refusing to appear on debates hosted by them.

What about MSNBC and NBC? Tim Russert, David Gregory, the rest of NBC news personnel as well as Howard Fineman and the rest of the Newsweek crew appeared on the Imus circus for years knowing full well of the nasty nature of Don Imus and his willful insults against gays and African-Americans. Russert, Gregory, Fineman, NBC and Newsweek have not learned. They still giggle and wiggle in their seats when Chris Matthews hurls his insults and mudballs against Hillary, usually in the most mysogynistic of terms.

When will this clown, Chris Matthews, be taken off the air? When will Democrats stop appearing on his Imus-like circus? When will so-called journalists stop wigglin’ and gigglin’ at Matthews’ Jabba The Hut sliming of Hillary?


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  1. What can we do to stop the NYTimes from publishing this huge Gerth excerpt on Sunday. I heard it’s like 8,000 words. Self-promotion of trash talk.

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