We are great admirers of The Daily Howler. We don’t always agree with it but at times the Howler has been a sole voice of fairness and intelligence on the internet. The Daily Howler has documented the ways in which election 2000 was debased by Big Media and threatens to debase the 2008 election. The Daily Howler, whose owner is a self-declared likely Edwards supporter, has demonstrated time and again how Big Media is obsessed with attacking Hillary. The Daily Howler recognizes, as do we, that so-called “progressives” also threaten to turn the 2008 election into a joke when they adopt Republican propaganda as their own.

On Thursday, The Daily Howler will tackle the “role of the liberal web.” Hopefully, The Daily Howler will name names and expose the owners of the so-called big “progessive” blogs for what they are: self-serving, destructive propagators of Republican propaganda against Democrats, particularly Hillary. This past week we have witnessed the usual anti-Hillary attacks by the Nutroots and creatures such as Arriana Huffington. The leader of the anti-Hillary obsession however continues to be Chris Matthews. At some point we have to take on these anti-Hillary attacks with a unified strategy.

We will soon recognize with a Hall of Fame posters who defend Hillary on the Big Blogs. Some of those posters have written comments on this website and they will be recognized for their valiant efforts. The Daily Howler takes on Big Media everyday and we apreciate its efforts. Yesterday, the Daily Howler took on Chris Matthews again for his Imus like salivating obsession with Hillary:

“HOWLER ROMANO: It was heaven! Newsweek had both Clintons on its cover; this allowed a tabloid talker to ask his favorite question: How often do Bill and Hill sleep together? As we enter, the discussion is raging—and Lois Romano is starting to make Chris mad:

ROMANO (5/21/07): I think they’re extremely close. They’re of one mind. And I, I—

MATTHEWS: I’m not asking about that. Are they living on the same planet? Do they ever see each other physically?

ROMANO: They’re completely—oh, yes, yes, yes.


ROMANO: Come on! They`re a partnership! Because—look, she’s a senator. She goes home on weekends. He’s traveling around. But they are—they are—make no mistake about it, they are a partnership, and they are a love story. I mean, regardless of anything else that’s happened—

MATTHEWS: Well, how many is it? Is it 20 days a year? How many days of the year are they actually together in the same roof overnight, if you will?”

“Romano said the Clintons are together about half the time. In response, Matthews told her to “recheck the reporting,” and he asked Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman if that could possibly be accurate. As usual, his hungry heart was longing to know how often the Clintons shack up.”

“Finally, Romano just laughed at Matthews’ questions to Darman—and then, she pretty much called him a nut. And omigod! As often happens when she’s the guest, her broken-souled host got mad:

MATTHEWS: You put a cover piece, so I’m going to keep pounding on you. Is he going to live in the White House if they win? Why are you laughing, Lois?”

“ROMANO: Because—what is your obsession with logistics here? Of course he’s going to live in the White House! And—

MATTHEWS: Because I’m talking to three reporters, and I’m trying to get three straight answers, so I don’t want attitude about this. It’s a point of view—I want facts. Tell me what the facts are, Lois, if you know them. If you don’t, I don`t know what you’re arguing about.”

“What is your obsession?” she asked. Our analysts all stood and cheered.”