The Hillary Experience

We wrote on Mothers Day about the leadership contributions Hillary has made throughout her life. She started contributing to the “village” from early in her life. Her participation in civic life really took off when she became of college age.

We were reminded of how much experience she has while browsing through her autobiography Living History. Her book is fact filled, has no composite characters and details her many areas of expertise and experience. Her book, like her life, is not a pile of adjectives and adverbs designed to mask emptiness and lack of actual accomplishment. Her book is not a pile of dreams and ruminations signifying nothing. This is a woman with a great deal of experience.

After we wrote our Mothers Day post, Chelsea Morning, we noticed that Bill Clinton videotaped a tribute to Hillary on Hillary’s official campaign website. The video is worth a watch. Look at how young Hillary was when she began her long road of service.