Ripublican Debate Tonight

In case you intentionally or unintentionally forgot, Ripublicans are debating tonight.

We usually do not comment on the Ripublicans. We will comment on them with vigor once Hillary is the nominee of the Democratic Party. Anyway, the debate is at 9:00 e.s.t. tonight on F_x N_ws. Expect tributes to the dearly departed and possibly some attacks on Guiliani and maybe even Romney.

Our comments on the last Ripublican debate are here.

One last thing. We issued a Word of Warning About Bloomberg at the beginning of the month. There is a lot of news about Bloomberg planning a presidential run and budgeting $1 billion. This might even be a low ball. As we pointed out in our post, Bloomberg spends a lot of money when he runs for election and he will spend more money than is needed when he runs.

We probably won’t comment on tonight’s debate. Feel free to do so if you have the stomach to watch.