Hillary Clinton Wins Republican Debate

After the first Democratic debate Republican Pat Buchanan said that Hillary would be very effective against all the Republican nominees. Many commentators agreed that Hillary in a debate against the Republicans would eat them alive. Well, get Hillary a bib and butter because the Republican candidates, if their debate is any indication, are cooked.

At the risk of insulting the nation’s grocers and train conductors, the Republican candidates at the debate looked like a bunch of grocers or train conductors. Did we mention what a snoozefest they were?

The backwoods nature of this bunch was encapsulated when they were asked if they believe in evolution. Most of these sad candidates disputed evolution even though faith institutions such as the Vatican accept it.

If we had to pick a winner from the bunch it would be Rudy Giuliani, because not one candidate took him to task for his liberal views. We do not think Giuliani will be the eventual Republican nominee. Quite simply the social conservatives and right-wing forces that fought for decades to gain control of the Republican Party will not surrender that control to any New York liberal.

The real winner however was Hillary Clinton.

Chris Matthews, ever true to his leg rubbing Clinton fetish, asked the Republicans if having Bill Clinton back in the White House was a good idea.

The question was preposterous but it also did bring up the obvious. Hillary Clinton is what the Republicans fear. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat they know they will face in November 2008. Hillary Clinton is the one who will defeat them. Hillary Clinton was the night’s big winner.