The Media and Nutroots Attack On Hillary Clinton

The National Journal is the premier source of information for politicians and political operatives and the retrograde mass media; to access their daily Hotline publication costs several thousand dollars a year. The Nutroots, are a self-appointed, self-interested, small group of typists who utilize their self-built perches to inflict their delusions on Democrats and true progressives; they like to refer to themselves as the “netroots”, a play on words from the honorable “grassroots”. Both have joined forces to debase the likely Democratic Party nominee: Hillary Clinton.

In the April 24, 2004 publication “Blogometer” the national journal headlined the story Why Obama Will Win. The argument is that Obama will win because the Nutroots Hate Hillary and Love Obama. Here is the exact quote:

Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) 4/22 address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs was received warmly, but not enthusiastically, by the netroots. They liked his emphasis on the need to solve global problems by cooperation and leadership and his de-emphasis on the threat terrorism poses. But they didn’t like his plans to leave some forces in Iraq or his call for a larger military. MyDD’s Matt Stoller said the speech was straight “from the Clinton playbook.”

And that’s exactly why Obama will win the Dem nod. Whether its his rock-star quality or ’03 anti-war position, whatever the reason, the netroots just trust him more on foreign policy even if his actual positions are indistinguishable from Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY). So even though Matthew Yglesias says “the idea of maintaining a semi-permanent counterterrorism force in Iraq is a very bad idea” he’s still eager to give Obama some “wiggle room” on the issue since he’s “pretty confident that Barack Obama and his team would exercise good judgment in this matter.” With his anti-war credentials beyond reproach, Obama will have way more flexibility to appeal to undecided primary voters as events in Iraq unfold.

Do you get that? Obama is a Hillary warm-over but because the Nutroots like him Obama will win, and to Hell with what poll after poll after poll says, that Democrats want Hillary to be their nominee. The Nutroots are right in one aspect of this though. Obama is warmed over Hillary. On April 16, 2007 we were provided with documentation of Obama as “copycat”. Here is the article:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s leading Democratic rival, Barack Obama, is a rising political star, a charismatic campaigner – and a copycat. Obama has liberally lifted ideas and text from Clinton’s bills and repackaged them as his own when filing legislation in the Senate, a review of congressional records show.Just last week, Obama unveiled a sweeping measure to help veterans, titled “Homes for Heroes” – similar to Clinton’s older plan, “Heroes at Home.”

Adding insult to injury, Obama rarely signs on in support of Clinton’s bills – co-sponsoring only one of the former first lady’s measures this year.

Obama has cribbed ideas from Clinton’s bills on everything from voting rights to improving medical treatment, homeland security to helping veterans.

Larry Sabato had this to say:

Political pros say Obama’s pilfering of Clinton’s measures is a way to puff up his slim résumé as voters begin scrutinizing the presidential mettle of the contenders. “We all know his advantages over Hillary. His greatest disadvantage is tremendous inexperience,” said political scholar Larry Sabato, referring to Obama’s two years in the Senate. “As a consequence, he needs all the good ideas he can get on his résumé, whether they are begged, borrowed – or in this case, stolen,” Sabato added.

The article cites other Hillary Clinton legislation that Obama has Biden-like latched on to. But the National Journal and the Nutroots “trust him” so he will win. Amazing. We’ve written before that these fake “progressives” are harming true progressives. The Nutroots are aided and in collusion with big media that has always hated the Clintons. If the Nutroots and Big Media think they will bring down Hillary, they won’t. They have already tried. If they think they are helping Obama they are not. Here is what the cantakerous Cindy Adams has to say on the Obama Will Win nonsense:

ELECTIONS ago, New York magazine crowned Bill Bradley as the new hot candidate. He must be in the Witness Protection system because nobody’s heard from him since. A while back New York magazine crowned Howard Dean as the new hot candidate. He never got out of the starting gate. New York magazine just crowned Barack Obama as the new hot candidate. Poor Barack Obama.


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