Iraq On TV

On Wednesday, April 25 from 9:00 to 10:30 p.m. PBS will air a Bill Moyers documentary on Bush’s lies to sell the Iraq war and the complicity of the media in propagating those lies. The media has never been held to account when they have misled the American public, whether on Iraq or Whitewater. Other than in books and a small documentary film based on Joe Conosen’s Hunting Of the President, media lies on Whitewater have never been investigated. Moyers corrects the lack of analysis on Iraq and Bush’s lies with this Iraq and the Media documentary.

A lot of big media personalities state that they did not believe Bush when he was selling the Iraq War. The problem is they did not tell the American public. The New York Times, complicit in both selling the Whitewater and Iraq lies comes in for special and deserved criticism. Tim Russert too, deserving of a special place in Hell, comes in for well deserved criticism. And yes, even Oprah gets a deserved lashing.

Watch the documentary and learn how the media distorted the Iraq War issues.