What Is It About Us Always Having To Clean Up After People?

Senator Hillary Clinton spoke at Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network yesterday. One thing she said struck us: “You know, what is it about us always having to clean up after people? ? But this is not just going to be picking up socks off the floor. This is going be cleaning up the government, clearing out the dead wood.”

Hillary could have been speaking about Democrats in general or the Clintons in particular. In either case, she was correct.

Old George Bush destroyed the economy of the country and Bill Clinton had to ride in to fix it. And fix it he did, ending up with budget surpluses instead of the deficits the country had grown used to. The “clean up” did not end with the economy. The whole country and its relationships had to be repaired and President Bill Clinton did just that.

One of the most persuasive arguments for a Hillary presidency is that she has the experience necessary to be president. Hillary has already served a full term in the Senate. For 8 years she was also at the right hand of the successful presidency of her husband Bill Clinton. She knows the problems, the solutions and the players worldwide as well as all the problems, solutions and leaders in every field in this country.

Why is the “experience” argument so persuasive? Because after the disasters this country and the world has endured in what is without argument the worst presidency and the worst president in American history we need emergency repairs domestically and internationally. At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton said that when she is elected president she would make Bill Clinton an ambassador to the world and employ him to restore the battered and torn reputation and image of the United States. “I can’t think of a better cheerleader for America than Bill Clinton, can you?” Bravo. So, not only is Hillary prepared with the most direct and best experience to get the country moving the minute she is elected, but she will have the additional expertise of Bill Clinton at her disposal to assist her. We expect she will employ all former Democratic presidents and the best persons from her vast network of friends and the absolute best former officials of the Bill Clinton administration. And let’s understand, Hillary can discern the “best” from the merely “good” because she knows these people from many years of working with them. After the incompetent Bush crony administration, hiring the best will be important and a big relief to Americans tired of watching this country circle the drain.

Yesterday at a speech before the World Affairs Council in New Hampshire Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd said, according to the Boston Globe, that the presidency wasn’t a place for on the job training. He stated “We need leadership and we need it now” . We agree with Senator Dodd. .